Petrus de Klerk is an Apolistic preacher and bilble teacher who proclaims sovereign power in the Kingdom of God through the love of the Word. Petrus brings much needed Apostolic Revelation to the current generation of believers by teaching sound kingdom doctrine. His message is relevant, unique, courageous, encouraging and challenging.


Petrus has planted and pastored churches in South Africa, and is now living the kingdom reality, forming a dynamic ministry partnership with his wife Millanie. The De Klerks now reside and minister in Adelaide South Australia. Petrus is pursuing God. He never planned immigrating or even writing a book. Petrus believes that this is a new season and that reading his book 'Kingdom Authority' will release people into the plans and purpose that God has for their lives.


Petrus declares that God is doing this right now on planet earth. God is calling kingdom warriors to be revealed as His sons of in the earth. No more intimidations by the doctrines of demons. This is the moment heaven is waiting for. We were born into the kingdom for a time such as this. We possess the keys to unlock the floodgates of heaven into this earthly dimension.


He is the founder of Throne Life Ministries, a multicultural church in the diverse city of Durban in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. In quite a conservative suburb, Throne Life Ministries was started with only a few people. His vision of bringing people of all cultures together was accomplished within this 3 year period. People from many different languages, diverse cultural backgrounds, and even different countries assembled to express the ever increasing kingdom of God. With his migration to Australia, the church has been handed over to Judah Ministries International.


Petrus De Klerk, an exceptionally distinguished New Age Motivational Christian Fiction and Non-Fictional Author. With many more of his works soon to be published, this Author is surely not to be missed at all.


  • Senior Pastor in Riversdale AFM. (1994-1996)
  • Associate Pastor in the much larger church in Beyerspark, Johannesburg (1996-1997)
  • Senior Pastor of the Queensburgh AFM congregation (1997-2002) (asked to be)


Kingdom Authority: Living Your Life In Kingdom Power

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  • The Kingdom Authority encourages all believers to live in the power of the kingdom of God right now. It will ignite and revitalize your soul with heaven's authority and glory. 

    Kingdom Authority will challenge those who hold on to preconceived ideologies and religious order. It declares Jesus Christ as the Leader of God's indestructible, never-ending, and ever-increasing kingdom. It challenges 'doom and gloom' theories and proclaims that the best is yet to come for the church. The sons of God are about to be revealed and penetrate darkness to the core. You will learn how the power of heaven will infiltrate this dimension before the return of the Lord Jesus Christ to the earth. The secret is out. Jesus Christ and His kingdom warriors will rule the earth. The best is yet to come....


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