About the Author:  Prof Margaret Rogers Van Coops Ph.D DCH (IM)


Born in 1942, I was led to follow a pathway that has brought me to this point in my life. My child-like mind knew that I was different from others. I have always been able to see auras, hear voices and heal people who were sick in many ways. I felt their pain, fear, anger and much more. As a result of all this suffering in this world, I knew I had to become a teacher and a healer. Throughout my life I suffered many circumstances both spiritual and physical which led me to teach in various countries around the world. I have recently written a part of my life-story in my book: My Journey Into An Unknown World. While the teacher in me was established in my early 20's, It took me nearly 40 years to realize I could be a writer. Once that part of me emerged I had then, and still have today, plenty in me to write about. I not only enjoy channeling Metaphysical books, but also love story-telling which has resulted in several unfinished novels, screenplays and one published who dun-nit book: Henry's Secrets. Today, as a Professor, with the changing times, and the growing interest in Natural Healing Modalities, I am constantly pushed to teach and share new information with spiritual insights when I channel a book. Currently, I am working on The Soul Structure Coding, DNA & RNA, relative to psychology and psychiatry and the psychic senses. My dreams has always been to founder a school of Metaphysical Studies which today in a realistic way, has become a University where every aspect of both Medical, Alternative and Integrated studies are taught that include the paranormal and metaphysical studies. As a pioneer Professor, I see my role as an example for younger generations to come.

My Journey Into the Oneness

  • Dr. Margaret Rogers Van Coops is a lifelong student of the Paranormal. From her British roots, her relationship with Spirit Guides has led her to become one of world's leading communicators of The Oneness. In this book, she shows we are connected not only to our world, but also with the spirit world and world's beyond. Dr. Margaret pulls you into some of the most intimate, exciting, and bizarre that anyone could share. This may also be your story! If you appreciate her messages, this story could be a key to saving our society and our environment. Understanding "The Oneness of All That Is" will unite you with the Creator and lead you to appreciate the glory of His work. Find out here, how Dr. Margaret became... "The Voice of the Oneness."