Shipping & Returns

Shipping and Returns

You’re eligible for a refund within 30 days if you’re dissatisfied with your purchase due to an error on the Soma Fusion Media LLC’s part or if the book doesn’t arrive.

Incorrect Book/Not as Described/Damaged

You’re eligible for a full refund of the purchase price, including original shipping costs, if your return is the result of an error on Soma Fusion Media LLCs part. If you receive the incorrect book or if it arrives damaged, you’ll also be refunded return shipping equal to the original charge. To receive a refund, you must return your item directly to Soma Fusion Media LLC within 30 days of the estimated delivery date and in the same condition you received it in.

For books returned as ‘Not as described,’ return shipping amounts are refunded at the Soma Fusion Media LLC’s discretion. If Soma Fusion Media LLC disagrees, only the book price and original shipping will be refunded. Soma Fusion Media LLC will not refund shipping amounts on sales in the event of a dispute.

Book Did Not Arrive

You’re eligible for a full refund of the purchase price, including shipping costs, if your book hasn’t arrived as of the Estimated Delivery Date, up until 30 days past. If Soma Fusion Media LLC provides tracking information indicating the book has arrived, the refund request is void. A refund request for the reason ‘item did not arrive’ will automatically complete 7 days after the refund request is initiated by emailing Soma Fusion Media LLC.

In cases where the book is returned to Soma Fusion Media LLC for any of the following reasons, the refund includes the book price only: incomplete address, unclaimed, returned to sender, or similar.


Buyer Does Not Want Item

Soma Fusion Media LLC will not to accept returns if you’ve changed your mind about a book. We recommend carefully choosing your book, prior to purchase.

For orders placed on, Soma Fusion Media LLC is not required to accept a return and may choose to cancel your return request if it’s against their store policy. If Soma Fusion Media LLC chooses to reject your return request, you will receive a cancellation notice by email within 2 days. The return is considered to be accepted if not cancelled within 2 days. For these returns, if the book is returned in the same condition as you received it in, you’ll be refunded the price of the book (not including original or return shipping charges).

Partial Refunds

If you are dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason but still wish to keep the book, you can negotiate a partial refund with Soma Fusion Media LLC for an amount that is agreeable to both parties. Partial refunds can be issued on the book price, the shipping amount, or both. Please note that while you may request a partial refund, Soma Fusion Media LLC is not obligated to provide one and, depending on your reason for the request, they may prefer that you return the book for a full refund instead.

Return shipping is calculated as equal to original shipping cost and when refundable, is added to the refund upon return receipt of the book by the seller. Return shipping labels are not provided.

Your refund will be processed to your credit card once Soma Fusion Media LLC receives the book back. We recommend that you use a trackable method of shipment; if the book doesn’t arrive and tracking isn’t provided, the refund will be cancelled.

Once a return/refund request has been cancelled, you cannot submit another return/refund request.



There is no single, set shipping rate or speed. Soma Fusion Media LLC is an online marketplace so we do not ship any books ourselves. We connect you with the closest print on demand printer around the world and those printers ship the books directly to the customers on behalf of Soma Fusion Media LLC.

  • Each printer sets their own shipping rates and speeds for the books they are offering.

  • Soma Fusion Media LLC also decides on the method of shipment.

  • For these reasons, shipping costs and delivery speeds vary between printer and Soma Fusion Media LLC.

Shipping costs also do not include taxes or duties for cross-border shipments, which are the responsibility of the buyer.

When you search for a book, our search results are ordered by lowest total price (book price + shipping price), although you can choose to sort by other criteria.

The shipping price is displayed in the cart along with the book price.

To update the shipping details for the destination of your book, click on [Destination, Rates, Speeds] within that particular listing and a window will open displaying the shipping speeds and the rates offered by that particular seller. Follow the instructions to adjust the destination.


After you have added a book to your shopping basket, you will also see the shipping rates and speeds for that particular book. You can use the drop-down arrow next to the displayed shipping speed/rate to select a different speed/rate.



All purchase on this site will include addition taxes and surcharges applicable to the relevant destination, domestic and foreign.


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